Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Karm Debattista's perspective on the Holy Mass

The following quotes come from Karm Debattista (pictured above), a Maltese priest of the Missionary Society of Saint Paul (M.S.S.P.). I am taking the liberty to post them as they were in the public domain (replies on an event on Facebook). No editing was done and typos were left. Any further comments from my end are superfluous.

In the near future I will be commenting on how I personally view the Holy Mass (both forms of the Roman Rite) and the current situation in Malta.


4 July 2011, replying to a query why he said "count me out" when invited to attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form:

"it does not suit me at all. I believe the mass as it is now is already outdated let alone the tridentine. Sorry, but it will never do for me. Need to live in 2011"

6 July 2011, replying to a query on what a 'future' Mass means to him:

"A relation with God that, as Jesus said, requires only adoring God in spirit and in truth."

11 July 2011, replying to a further query on his position about the Holy Mass:

"... I am saying that I live in 2011. The Catholic Church has in history deviated from the original meaning of the Eucharist and so Vatican II has come to reform these deviations."

11 July 2011, reacting to comments about the spirituality of the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form and abuses in the Ordinary Form:

"... And do you think that all these details matter at all? I always wonder if we have the same Gospel and how we understand Jesus words when I read such things. But do not worry. God is very patient with us."

11 July 2011, reacting to comments on the unfairness with which traditional Catholics are labelled as schismatics when it is more a question of them being secluded by Church authorities:

"when we create one way of doing things we create schisms. I believe Jesus came to remove the right or wrong way of doing things. And not just the way to do it but even the place to do it. He calls us to adore in Spirit and in Truth, and not in the temple or on the mountain. We have ears, but we do not hear."



  2. Hi Angelo,

    Thanks for the link. I would greatly appreciate if you kindly indicate where I launched an attack against Fr. Debattista. Simply reproducing his own comments does not tantamount to an attack in my opinion.

    At the same time you post an article that can tantamount to an attack against the Pope. Could that be interpreted as a case of two weights, two measures (considering that you view mine as an attack)?

    Since you mention Vatican Council II, I am assuming that you have read all the documents of said Council and the rest of the documents issued by Blessed John XXIII. Therefore I take it that you agree with the 'policy' of Blessed John XXIII, am I right?