Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Important Exorcisms - Part 2

Today we will continue this interesting series about exorcisms that took place on a woman in Switzerland between 1975‑1978. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church Exorcism. The first part can be found here.

The text is of the exorcisms that took place on 17 August and 31 October 1975. (E stands for exorcist, J stands for Judas Iscariot, a human demon). They deal about Ecône (i.e. the Fraternity of Saint Pius X - SSPX), Pope Paul VI, the Tridentine Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass.

J: Ecône will triumph.

E: What is that you said? Repeat that, Judas Iscariot! Who were you speaking about? In the name of Jesus, repeat, it, tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

J: After a long struggle, Ecône will triumph.

E: Speak in the name of Jesus!

J: Ecône is on the unique good road.

E: Is that the truth? Is it Heaven who said that? Speak, in the name of Jesus!

J: When I say: the good road I do not wish to say that there is nobody else on the good road; but the road which Ecône follows is singularly good. That is what we mean. There are not many roads which are good, but there are many people who are on the good road. Ecône is on the good road and many people do not recognize Ecône are searching for the truth, and so they also are on the good road.

E: Continue, in the name..., say what you must say!

J: Archbishop Mgr. Lefebvre will still have a great deal to suffer, but he is good.

E: Continue, in the name... say what you must say.

E: Is the liturgy he follows good? Tell the truth, in the name of Jesus!

J: The liturgy he follows is the only good one.

E: Is this the truth, in the name of Jesus?

J: It is the complete truth.

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, have you lied?

J: No! It is the complete truth.

E: Where does it come from? Who ordered you to say that? Speak, in the name...!

J: It is She (he points upward) who says it; it is Those up there Who say it. The truth comes from on High. They, up there, do not like the new liturgy. In any case, the old Missal did not need to be modified... I am saying all of this against my will (he cries and sighs). In today's times, one should not obey all the bishops any longer.

E: There are still some good bishops. Speak, in the name of..., nothing but the truth!

J: There are still some who should be obeyed, but not all! Akabor has spoken about that previously (he sighs and has difficulty breathing)


J: You must pray for the Pope. He is in a worse plight than a martyr. He would rather be stoned like Stephen. He is a great Pope although he is forced to remain silent. He carries a cross. Few achieve his eminence, although he appears to be small and powerless. In the beginning, he made some mistakes, which he realised a long time ago, and now his hands and feet are tied, even his tongue. He cries out to Heaven that he would like to restore the old liturgy, the Tridentine Mass: he would like...but his hands and feet are tied. He can do nothing.

E: Speak only the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin! Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, about the Church and about Pope Paul VI!

J: You can be sure that Pope, Paul VI would like to re-introduce the Tridentine Mass. Whenever you see on television, or have to see or read any part of these novelties, you can be certain that this does not come from him.

E: Tell the truth, in the name...!


J: On 14 August, Akabor was forced to speak about the Mass and the Asperges Me which should be re-introduced at the beginning of Mass. That is true, that is true; then, we are obliged to flee from the church.

E: Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, tell the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

J: Without it, we are in the church. It would be better if the priest were to start again sprinkling the people with holy water from the top to the bottom of the church, as used to be the custom. It would also make us flee from within the people.

E: Tell the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! J: Another of our tasks is to distract the congregation. When the priest goes through the church with the holy water, the people are able to pray better. Moreover, this also removes the ideas and powers of black magic.

E: On behalf of the Blessed Virgin, tell the truth!

J: The Asperges Me, the thirty-three signs of the cross, the recitation of “Oh Lord I am not worthy” three times, and finally, at the end of the Mass, the prayer “St. Michael the Archangel”, the three “Hail Mary's” and the “Hail Holy Queen” should all definitely be brought back. Their suppression is our work, and, one way or another, that of the cardinals who are in our power.

E: Continue to tell the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!


J: Furthermore, Those up there (he points upward) prefer the Tridentine Mass to the Mass in  the vernacular and to the New Mass, because it cannot be translated exactly.

E: Do you mean the Tridentine Mass in Latin? Tell the truth, tell the truth. Judas Iscariot, nothing but the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

J: The texts are difficult to translate into the vernacular. That is how those inexact words have come in - words which carry fewer blessings at Mass. Everything which is not said exactly as Christ wishes it, carries fewer blessings. This applies especially at the Consecration; the words of consecration must be pronounced in a perfectly correct way. Not one syllable should be changed. Everything must be done strictly correctly. Do you know how, in our place (Hell), everything is perfectly well-ordered? Even in the Catholic Church, things are no longer conducted in such an orderly fashion as they are where we come from.

E: Tell the truth, on behalf of the blessed Virgin, nothing but the truth!


J: If they had again the thirty-three signs of the cross, which, moreover, is in keeping with the Life of Christ and which was all worked out in advance - it was Jesus who organized that through the Holy Spirit; if they reestablished it (the Mass), from the Asperges Me right to the prayer “Saint Michael, Archangel”, and celebrated the Mass as Christ has wished, then...I don't want to say it.

E: Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, by order of the Blessed Virgin. Lucifer, you have no right to disturb him! You must go away!

J: ...then, thousands of souls would be saved, who are not saved and who are going to their eternal destruction. The evil comes from the Mass, principally from the Mass. An endless flood of blessings used to flow from the Mass, when it was still celebrated properly. The Mass is the principal factor.

The Mass and Holy Communion are the two greatest things for you Catholics. All the mystics, all the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin must yield place to them. Holy Mass has an infinite value, an unimaginable value. Christ Himself goes up to the altar with all his plenitude of graces, which we hate so much. We must flee from a Mass that is still celebrated well. We have to flee at the very beginning, at the Asperges Me. Then, speaking figuratively, we can only watch, timidly, through a crack. Now, on the contrary, at the modern Mass, we can dance around, up to...I don't want to say it.