Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Malta's new Archbishop - Pro Tridentina (Malta) proven right?

Some weeks ago, this Blog had indicated who the contenders for the post of Archbishop of Malta were, in this article

In today's Times of Malta, Archbishop Joseph Spiteri is mentioned as the likely candidate. This confirms what we had stated, namely that the Archbishop could be:

a bishop held in high esteem, both locally and in Rome (we cannot indicate if he currently resides in Malta or not);

What this Blog can reveal is that the Vatican has already discarded the frontrunner. Those familiar with us know who that person is.

The official announcement can be expected sooner rather than later.

We reiterate, once again, that whoever will be selected as Malta's new Archbishop, he can count on Pro Tridentina (Malta)'s support and assistance to fully implement Summorum Pontificum in this island. Thus, traditional Catholics in Malta will be fully involved in the diocese they love so much.

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