Thursday, June 27, 2019

Communiqué of the International UNA VOCE Federation on Order of Malta ban of the Traditional Latin Mass

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Rome, 13 June, 2019   

The FIUV notes with regret the letter, dated 10th June, from Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre, Grand Master of the      Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta (the ‘Order of      Malta’), forbidding the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass (the Extraordinary Form) in the context of the Order’s liturgical life.

Since this letter has become public, we would like to observe that it does not accurately present the provisions of Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter, given motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum. Article 3, cited in the Grand Master’s letter, explicitly allows religious communities to have not only private but conventual celebrations of Mass in the Extraordinary Form, without reference to the Major Superior (in the case of the Order of Malta, the Grand Master or the Prelate). His permission is required only in cases where the community ‘wishes to have such celebrations frequently, habitually or permanently’.

The Grand Master’s letter also neglects the right of the faithful, from which the religious and lay member of the Order of Malta are not excluded, from requesting celebrations of Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Article 4). Celebrations in the context of special occasions such as pilgrimages are explicitly anticipated (Article 5 §3). Pastors and rectors of churches are directed to accede to such requests Article 5, §1 and §5).

The Federation would like to emphasise that the Extraordinary Form is a part of the liturgical patrimony of the Church which represents ‘riches’ for the Church, which should not be neglected or excluded, and certainly not on the basis of a narrow conception of unity which excludes the variety of liturgical expressions permitted in the Church. As Pope Benedict expressed it:

‘These two expressions of the Church’s lex orandi will in no way lead to a division in the Church’s lex credendi (rule of faith); for they are two usages of the one Roman rite.’ (Summorum PontificumPreamble)

Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Important Exorcisms - Part 1

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Today we will start an interesting series about exorcisms that took place on a woman in Switzerland between 1975‑1978. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church Exorcism, which was witnessed by the following priests who have all expressed their conviction of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons upon the order of the Blessed Virgin:
1. Abbot Albert‑l`Arx, Niederbuchorten
2. Abbot Arnold Elig, Ramiswil
3. Abbot Ernest Fischer, Missionary, Gossau (St.‑Gall).
4. Rev. Father Pius Gervasi, O.S.B., Disentis
5. Abbot Karl Holdener, Ried
6. Rev. Father Gregoire Meyer, ‑ Trimbach
7. Rev. Father Robert Rinderer, C.P.P.S., Auw
8. Abbot Louis Veillard, Cerneux‑Pequignot

The text is of the exorcism that took place on 14 August 1975. (E stands for exorcist, A stands for Akabor, a fallen angel, from The Choir of Thrones. The parts are about the Holy Mass and liturgy:

A: There were a few small things, which needed to be changed, but most of it - no. Believe me! In the liturgy, there was practically nothing to be changed. Even the Gospel reading should not be in the vernacular; it would be better if the Holy Mass were said in Latin. The reason can be seen if you just look at the Consecration, only the Consecration, but that is typical. At the Consecration, one uses the words: “This is My Body which will be given up for you”, followed by: “This is My Blood, which will be shed for you and for a great number”. That is what Jesus said.
E: It is not correct to say “for all”? Tell the truth, in the name... you have no right to lie.
A: It certainly isn't. The translations have not been completely accurate, and this is particularly the case with “for all”. It should not, and cannot, be “for all” - it should be “for a great number”. When the text is not correct, so the abundance of graces diminishes; the channel of graces still flows, but only sparsely. And the Consecration is accompanied by so many graces when the priest does things correctly, according to the old Tradition, and according to the Will of God. For you and for a great number” must be said, just as Christ Himself said it.
E: But, didn't Christ shed His Blood for all? Tell the truth in the name...!
A: No, He would have liked to shed it for all, but, in fact, it did not flow for all.
E: Because many have rejected it? Tell the truth in the name...!
A: Exactly; in this way it did not flow for all, for it did not flow for us in Hell.
E: Tell the truth, in the name...!
A: The new order of the Mass - the bishops have changed the Tridentine Mass - the new Mass is absolutely not as They up there want it (he points upward). The point will soon be reached when the whole Mass will no longer be valid.
E: How is the Tridentine Mass, the old Mass, which was prescribed by Pope St. Pius V? Tell the truth, in the name... and you have no right to lie!
A: It is the best in existence; it is in the standard, the true, the good Mass (he groans).
E: Akabor, tell the truth, in the name of and by the order of, the Blessed Virgin! We order you to say everything she charges you to say!
A: I said all that against my will, but I was made to! She up there (He points upward) forced me (he mutters).
E: Is there anything more that you must say, in the name..! But speak only the truth! Tell the truth, in the name...!
A: In the Mass, the true Mass, the Tridentine Mass, there used to be thirty-three Signs of the Cross. Now, there are very few - sometimes two, three when all goes well. And at the end - for the Blessing - you are not even required to get down on your knees (he cries and weeps despairingly). Do you know how we would kneel down...would fall to our knees...if we were still able to (he weeps and wails).
E: Is that correct – thirty-three Signs of the Cross were made at Holy Mass? Tell the truth, in the name…!
A: Of course it is correct, it is even compulsory. When it happens that way, we are not present; we are forced to flee from the Church; but the way things are now, we are there. The 'Asperges Me' must also be restored.” During the Asperges, we were obliged to flee before the holy water and the incense. The burning of incense must also be resumed. And, after Mass, the prayers “St. Michael the Archangel”, the three “Hail Mary's” and “Hail Holy Queen” must be said again.
E: Tell the truth, say what you must say, in the name...!
A: Lay people should not distribute Holy Communion (he cries out in a frightful voice), not at all! Not even nuns and brothers, never! Do you believe Christ would have entrusted this to the Apostles, if women and laymen were able to do it (he groans). How I was forced to say that!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Catholic Church in Valletta to be handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church?


A number of years ago, the previous Committee of Pro Tridentina (Malta) had circulated a petition for Tridentine Mass to be celebrated in Valletta. Although the church in question had not been mentioned, research into the organisation's correspondence showed that the petition was for the same church to be used.
Interestingly, Heritage Malta - under whose tutelage the church building falls -  was open and interested in providing the building for the celebration of Tridentine Mass in Valletta on a regular (weekly, probably on Sunday morning). However, the project never took off because - allegedly - the Curia did not allow any priest from celebrating Tridentine Mass there. 
But, in an interesting development, this church will likely be handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church! Here is a text of the petition being circulated within the Russian Community in Malta:
"Brothers and sisters,

As you know, we are trying to get construction permit to build our church in Kappara, San Gwann. Unfortunately, since January of this year, the Planning Authority has not responded to any of our requests. We do not know what is happening there or how long the process of reviewing of our application will last.

Our parishioners found a long-empty temple in Valletta, which belongs to the Government of Malta, and suggested to petition the Prime Minister of Malta to hand it over to our parish. 

For some administrative reasons, the petition must be submitted very quickly, literally, within a week. Please respond to those who are willing to collect signatures on a petition. We will send you a blank form and instructions on how to fill it in.

Let's start work together to get our church and a permanent priest.

Parish council"
Reliable information says that the Catholic Church authorities in Malta have agreed that the church building be used by the Russian Orthodox Church in Malta. One therefore wonders why the traditional Catholic community in Malta was hampered in the first place.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Knights of Malta and the Tridentine Mass - Part 2

More than six years ago, the then President of Pro Tridentina (Malta) had indicated in this article that a one off Tridentine Mass in Valletta had been allowed with restrictions imposed on a delegation of the Knights of St. John.
A controversy had occurred several months after this event as was outlined here. Unfortunately, once again, this organisation was proven right.
A letter issued by the Grand Master of the S.M.O.M., Giacomo Dalla Torre, has decreed that the Tridentine Mass is being suppressed by the once-Catholic Order with immediate effect. Allegedly to "guarantee the cohesion and communion of the Order!" This goes in direct contravention of the spirit of Summorum Pontificum and surely Benedict XVI is not happy with this event.
What a betrayal by the once glorious Order that defended Christendom!