Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tridentine Mass in Valletta - with restrictions

The Church of Saint Catherine of Italy, Valletta

A friend involved with the S.M.O.M. in Malta informed Pro Tridentina (Malta) that a Tridentine Mass was held at the Church of Saint Catherine of Italy in Valletta by a group of Knights of Malta who were on their way to Rome for their 900th anniversary celebrations. Part of the celebrations in Rome included an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

Apparently, concession for this Mass (celebrated on 3 February 2013) was "granted subject to a number of restrictions". 

Between November and December 2012, the President of Pro Tridentina (Malta) was contacted by some Knights of Malta from the USA who asked for information about the possibility of celebrating Tridentine Mass in Malta. However, contacts stopped abruptly. Could be that both events are somewhat related.


  1. As the Catholic Church enters a new phase, unity is the key word. Benedict XVI has suffered a lot because of all the problems created by many Catholics. May similar episodes in the future stop occurring.

    "The Catholic has a right to his Rite" (pun intended).

  2. I cannot imagine being a priest or bishop denying what is the right of every Catholic to assist at the TLM. God forgive their disobedience.