Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bishop Williamson to visit Malta

Bishop Williamson is touring several countries following his expulsion from the SSPX
This Blog has been informed - from a reliable source - that Bishop Richard Williamson will be in Malta in July or August 2013. It is part of the second tour to Europe this year by the former SSPX bishop. He will also be visiting France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

This visit seems to follow the alleged ones that took place in 2011 although in both cases the SSPX delegation was not headed by a bishop. 

Since then, Bishop Williamson was de facto expelled from the Society of St. Pius X and is now closely linked with the SSPX-SO headed by Fr Joseph Pfeiffer.

Pro Tridentina (Malta) is in no way involved in this visit nor was it involved in the previous ones.

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