Friday, July 3, 2015

An anticlerical and gay activist on the Tridentine Mass 

The Maltese-Australian lawyer Joseph Carmel Chetcuti needs no introduction to the Maltese public. He himself admitted in a comment 10 months ago as follows: 

"I have been described as anticlerical and I have embraced that description with pride. Clericalism is not grounded in the New Testament. It is merely a fabrication of some men designed to benefit these very men. In recent years clericalism has benefited a closeted homosexual and pedophile hierarchy. They even proclaim their own 'saints'. And as a gay activist I am proud to have played a very minor role towards the devastation of clericalism. With the advent of modern gay liberation, the seminaries and friaries have virtually been obliterated. And I was one of those who left the friary for gay liberation. What the Catholic Church needs now is a reformation from within. But of course they will blame modernism and secularism and atheists and agnostics and what have you. A nice way to deflect attention from the miserable way these clerics have run the church."

In his book, Queer Mediterranean Memories,  Chetcuti speculates on the sexual orientation of various prominent people including Saint Paul and Saint George Preca among others.

It came therefore as a welcome surprise when, in a recent exchange of views with Pro Tridentina (Malta) he said the following (my emphasis) about the Tridentine Mass:

" Oh pleeease! Whom are you kidding? Try pulling the other leg. BTW, I was there and present at a mass when Marcel Lefebvre visited Australia many moons ago.
Well it is many years ago. I think it was in the 1980s as I moved to Melbourne in late 1982. There is no denying, however, that the Tridentine mass has a sense of magic (or better still, a sense of wonder) which is lacking today. He reminded me a bit of Gonzi!"


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