Sunday, November 26, 2017

Another Augustinian blunder...

Following what was an apparent liturgical abuse by the Augustinians in Valletta (although this Blog received a clarification from the parish priest) we thought that - perhaps - the Augustinians in Malta were traditional when compared to other orders.

Alas, we were wrong. A reader sent us this blasphemous video which shows models dressed as "colourful nuns" dancing and messing inside a church and a convent.

It transpires that this video was shot in the Augustinian Church and convent in Rabat, Malta. The musical group itself thanked  "The Augustinan Cloister" (sic. - whoever they may be).

It seems therefore that the Church in Malta is indulging more and more in a consumeristic way of life, as we outlined earlier this year.
Pseudo-dancing nuns used in a Maltese musical video by the band The Travellers.

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