Monday, November 26, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Summorum Pontificum will NOT be abrogated - NOT YET

In the past days, several traditional Catholic websites have stated that a number of Italian Bishops have attacked Summorum Pontificum, and want the Tridentine Mass abrogated. This Blog would like to state the following, thanks to our sources inside the Holy See:
  • It is true that this attack on the motu proprio has taken place, BUT;
  • Pope Francis, as was advised and posted here, will not dare to abrogate the Tridentine Mass, at least NOT YET;
  • The current upheaval inside the Vatican has postponed the massive liturgical changes that were to occur this year;
So, what is the real strategy? It is based on the following steps:
  • Start the liturgical changes as was envisaged initially, but only after the waters have calmed down;
  • Reach the agreement with the SSPX, i.e. creating a personal prelature so that the biggest traditional Catholic group is harnessed and silenced;
  • If Benedict XVI dies (let's pray this will be in the distant future), there will be no problem for the current Pope to abrogate the motu proprio. This seems to be taken from 2 perspectives - Francis genuinely has respect for Benedict XVI, whilst at the same time the accusation that Francis isn't Pope because Benedict XVI was forced to abdicate, will die a natural death. 
This Blog will continue to follow developments in this area. In the meantime, it is hoped that traditional Catholic groups, in particular the FIUV, start piling up pressure on the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

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