Friday, December 14, 2018

Confraternity for the Tridentine Mass in Malta?


To add to our joy for the Christmas season,  Pro Tridentina (Malta) is announcing that it is studying the possibility of forming a Confraternity of the laity and priests involved in the traditional Latin Mass.

What will be the function and purpose of the Confraternity? It will enable and support priests who wish to offer the Tridentine Mass, it will provide a formal structure of financial, spiritual and organisational aid with the aim of establishing a network of places where the Mass will be offered.

This will be in line with the wish of Pope Benedict XVI when he expressed a desire to see more priests crossing parish boundaries to share their vocation in a broader sense and to draw strength from working not in isolation but together.
  • The initial plan is to begin setting up a network of "host" parishes that will offer the Tridentine Mass;
  • It will then provide "Mass kits" in each of the host parishes. Vestments, altar missals, altar cards and so on that are urgently needed. 
Anyone interested to be part of this project, please drop an email to if you can help in any way.

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