Friday, July 6, 2012

Tradition? To hell with it! Part Two

Is divorce a sin? No, the Tridentine Mass is...
One could have thought in the previous article that Fr. Martin Cilia's M.S.S.P. 'love' of tradition interview was a once in a lifetime occurrence. Or that the media had manipulated his words. Unfortunately this is not the case. The same priest, when the divorce referendum was such a hot topic in Malta last year, thought that the Lenten preach he delivered on Malta's Radju Marija should target the Tridentine Mass - the cause of all evils in these sunny islands it seems.

Hey, you're not looking at us!
He had said - on that blessed 13 April 2011 - that it is an insult for the people when the priest turns his back to the people as is done in the Latin Mass. Apart from the abysmal lack of knowledge of why the priest faces the tabernacle and not the people in the Latin Mass, Fr. Cilia then said that the Maltese have difficulty in understanding Mass in Maltese, let alone the one in Latin!

So, this priest considers the Maltese as being an ignorant people and therefore we have to believe all that he says. And obviously he is not an idiot... but my logic says that if the Maltese are ignorant and the priest shouting from the microphone on Radju Marija is Maltese then .... he must be an idiot too!
I was a Russian Altar boy not a Santa Claus.

In fact, thanks to Fr. Cilia I learnt that Karl Marx was a Russian who was an altar boy and afterwards he turned against the Catholic Church. I must throw away all the books that say that Marx was a German.

It is not usual of me to be sarcastic but today I cannot help it. The worst part is yet to come though.

As President of Pro Tridentina (Malta) at the time, I had written to the Director of Radju Marija, the M.S.S.P. Motherhouse and the Maltese Curia seeking an explanation for this.

It goes without saying that no one bothered to answer, chi tace acconsente as the Italian saying goes.

Thankfully, the Holy See's Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (PCED) takes things more seriously as the Maltese Curia's postman surely knows...

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