Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hall of Honour (5): Edric Micallef Figallo

Dr Edric Micallef Figallo was Pro Tridentina (Malta)'s first Secretary, a post he held between 2007 - 2012. He was responsible for drafting the organisation's first (and current) statutes. He made a good defense of the Tridentine Mass in the local media. During the the period of his activity with the organisation, Micallef Figallo was one of the main promoters and discussions related to the Tridentine Masses in Valletta. He considers the Tridentine Mass as showing more solemnity, a greater sense of sacrifice and mystery than the Novus Ordo Missae, and also due to the beauty of the Latin language.

Micallef Figallo works as an advocate and he also successfully completed an LL.M. (masters of law) degree in European & Comparative Law course at the University of Malta. Micallef Figallo is also a freelance translator, with a particular preference for legal translation work (in any combination of the Maltese, Italian and English languages). 

Micallef Figallo is also involved with pro-life and other Catholic organisations, in particular Italy's Alleanza Cattolica, and a close collaborator of its main exponent Massimo Introvigne.

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