Sunday, July 9, 2017

What went wrong in the traditional Catholic movement in Malta (Part 2)

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The Curia offices in Malta (photo: Times of Malta)
After the first part of this series (other articles will follow, though not necessarily in a chronological order), this Blog was informed of more worrying trends in the traditional Catholic movement in Malta.

Apparently, at the Vatican they received a copy of a letter from a resident in Malta in which a number of priests and laity distanced themselves from the Pro Tridentina (Malta) movement. So, thanks to these Brutus tactics, the Archdiocese of Malta is moving cautiously before granting TLM in other localities.

This is also implied in the website of the Apostolate of Saint Paul Malta (ASPM) which says: "In the Archdiocese of Malta, the Church of St. Paul’s has been entrusted with the promotion and the celebration of the liturgy according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite, also known as The Traditional Latin Mass."

So, don't expect any other regular Tridentine Masses to be held elsewhere in the country.

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