Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mind your language Fr. Z!!

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A reader informed us about a so-called Fr. Z (photo above) who used nice language as a way of convincing people (piffle = ****). So it seems that this Blog is causing interest, which is not our raison d’être. Our aim remains that of ensuring the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in Malta and Gozo.  Having just one Tridentine Mass every Sunday evening in a small chapel in a town - Birkirkara - prone to flooding in winter is not enough. There is a huge demand but the supply is not made available. Maltese Catholics deserve better.

Turning to "Fr. Z" (and why use a stage-name?), we reproduce his message below.

I have had some questions about a rumor going around that dramatic changes are going to be imposed on the older, traditional Form of Roman Rite.  Someone thinks that the new Lectionary and calendar will be imposed on the 1962 Missale sometime in 2018.
I respond: Piffle.   Even, bull piffle!
No.  Won’t happen.
In addition, I checked with my various peeps.  No.  Won’t happen.  Can’t happen.
So, you can relax and stop sending me mail about this.
The moderation queue is ON."
This is the same character who posted this very Catholic teaching some years ago. We leave to our readers any further comments.
Fr Z’s 2014 New Year Resolutions
1) Do even more to support the advancement of Summorum Pontificum.
2) Drink (sell) even more Mystic Monk Coffee.
3) Post even more on my blog.
4) Practice even more at the shooting range.
5) Offer even more of my services as a preacher and lecturer.
6) Read even more good books.
7) Travel even more to the UK and Rome.
8) Exercise even more.
9) Pray even more for my benefactors.
10) Cause even more “chaos” … as Pope Francis asked me to. ¡Vaya Lío!
As a corollary to #4 I am going to build an AR-15 from scratch.
(“Fr Z’s 2014 New Year’s Resolutions”Fr. Z’s Blog, Jan. 3, 2014)

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